Short Terms

Authentic, Personal, Unforgettable..
If these words resonate with you when you think of a family vacation, then short-term rentals are what you’re looking for!

Short Term Rentals

When booking a short-term rental you can rest assured that you will get the most personalized attention, making your trip even more memorable. There is something more authentic, cozy and welcoming about having a house for yourself, staying like a local while not compromising the adventurous side of your trip. It’s like having a home away from home, which is completely beneficial when traveling with kids. Our short term rentals are also suitable for people who are in between rentals while renovating, for example, or someone who is looking for a fully-furnished place to stay for a month or so.

From the unique design, to the open spaces and stunning garden views, here are the main reasons why you should consider choosing a short term rental in Niagara Falls.


  • Personal - you have a human to speak to who takes care of anything you need
  • Flexible - Flexible stay lengths, flexible cancellation policies
  • Affordable - Renting a house for an entire family or a group is much cheaper than a hotel
  • Spacious - when traveling with family 24/7, it's crucial to feel like you have some space for yourself.
  • Fully Furnished - All you need is your luggage and a smile, we'll take care of the rest.
  • No additional expenses - the price includes all expenses for electricity, gas, water etc.
  • Quick and Easy booking - get a sense of what the house looks and feels like and simply book without fuss.
  • Value for money - You get more space, more care and more attention for much less than a hotel.
Quick & Easy to Order
Quick & Easy to Order
Rent the house in a click, no need to apply
Value for Money
Value for Money
Big space much cheaper
No Additional Expenses
No Additional Expenses
The price includes expenses for electricity, water and gas
Fully Furnished
Fully Furnished
The house is fully furnished including the kitchen